Who is Sabrina?

Who am I?

I'm a 39 (almost 40 - eek!) year old wife, mom and runner. After the birth of my daughter 5 years ago I found myself completely in love with my baby and my husband, but I hated the way I felt and looked after gaining 80 pounds during pregnancy. It took me experiencing horrific stomach pains on a weekly basis to realize that it was time to stop putting myself last and it was time to do something. 

(Here I am after finishing my first 10K on New Year's Day 2016.  I was only half miserable suffering from strep and a sinus infection.)

Little by little, I cut out soda, coffee and cut back on my beloved red wine. I cut back on carbs and gluten. Then I started practicing intermittent fasting. 4 months into this I felt better but still not great. Something was missing. It was time to exercise again. June of 2015 was when I became a runner. Since then I've run several 5K's, a 10K, 2 10 milers and 2 half marathons!

I'm currently rehabbing my back and feet from a nasty case of plantar fasciitis and from carrying around an 8 pound, 13 ounce bouncing baby girl that I delivered in June 2017. 

Time to lose the baby weight again!
Consider this my "before" picture. October 2017