Friday, January 29, 2016

Easy Chocolate Fat Bomb!

It's been a hell of a week and all I want to do is relax on the couch with a beer and pizza, but I know if I do I'll end up with a nasty stomach that will ruin my weekend.  

So instead, I'll pop a gluten-free pizza in the oven (not low on carbs), sip on some wine and whip up a fat bomb or as this nerd likes to call it a Fat Bob-omb!

Tonight I'll be making a Keto Chocolate Mousse.  It is super easy and equally as delicious.


  • Unsalted butter – 60g (2oz)
  • Philadelphia cream cheese – 60g (2oz)
  • Fresh double cream (heavy cream in the US), whipped – 90ml (3oz)
  • sugar-free cocoa powder – 1 tbsp, I honestly just use the Hershey's unsweetened.  It is pretty low in carbs (1 net carb per serving I think).
  • Stevia or another sweetener to taste – 1 tbsp


  • Leave butter at room temperature until softened (or blast in the microwave for 10-15 seconds if you haven’t got the time)
  • Mix butter with sweetener, keep mixing until completely blended
  • Add cream cheese, blend completely into a smooth mass
  • Add cocoa powder, blend completely
  • Whip double cream and gradually add to the rest of the mixture, mixing well
  • Spoon into small glasses (I like to put it in wine glasses to make me feel fancy) and decorate with shavings of dark chocolate
  • If you have the time, refrigerate for 30 mins or so – it will taste even nicer.
Now you might be asking yourself why I am eating a FAT BOMB if I want to lose weight?  Well, simple, fat keeps you feeling fuller longer and yes, your body needs fat.  Fat bombs are a quick snack that let you keep up your energy.  They also provide lots of healthy fat that your body needs to reduce your cholesterol and your risk of heat disease.  

As a runner, a fat bomb is a great way for me to fill up before a race but not to the point where I get sick from eating too much.  Remember, I have a sensitive stomach and I am still trying to figure out what works before a run and what doesn't in terms of energy.  For my first 10K (6.2 miles) I fasted for 17 hours beforehand.  My stomach felt great but I was EXHAUSTED by the end.  Had I indulged in a fat bomb beforehand I could have been in better shape.  

For more information on why fat is healthy check out Butter Bob and his website Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off.  He also shares information on Intermittent Fasting which I practice and will talk about in a later post.