Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I've Come to the Realization

That I don't know how to run. 

If you know me at all in real life or you've been following along for awhile now, then you know I suffer from a nasty case of plantar fasciitis. So severe, in fact, that I almost had surgery to correct it.  I've since realized my problem isn't my feet but my back. 

This realization has led me to do some extensive foam rolling on said back AND work on my form bringing me back to the title of this post. 

I am a heel striker.  No wonder my feet and back hurt all the time!
I run like the guy on the left.  Tsk, tsk.  

I honestly had no idea you are supposed to run on the front part of your feet!  They don't teach you that in gym class. Or if they did, I wasn't paying attention. 

So, like any other social media savvy person would do, I jumped on YouTube and started searching for videos to help me improve my form.

Below is the video I found that is the most helpful.  Strange as it may sound to some, I'm actually excited for my next run so I can try his techniques.  I'm really enjoying getting back to basics.