Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Making History with my Daughter

Voting Selfies are NOT illegal in New Hampshire.  Life Free or Die, baby!

The day is finally here.

Unlike many states in the U.S. New Hampshire doesn't have the luxury of early or mail in voting so out of the total population of 1.5 million people who can vote, we have to wait for election day.
So early this morning I loaded my 4 year old into the car even earlier than usual all bundled up with the idea that we'd be standing out in the frosty air for awhile. Hell, I even packed her snacks because for the 25,000 residents in our town we only had one polling place to go to.

Polls didn't open until 7am, but we left the house by 6:35 am expecting traffic. By 6:40 am we were stuck in traffic about a mile away from the high school where we go to vote.

I quickly debated how far away I could park and haul a 4 year old when I spotted open spaces about a half mile away. I warned Scarlett she'd have to walk and she seemed amenable to it.

I have to say the walk over with many other people who had the same idea, park far away and walk, was a favorite of mine. We all marveled at how many people were already out to vote before the polls opened.

It was a remarkable thing.

Once we made it to the high school we stood in a long line outside, but it moved. Thank God it moved. Scarlett was quiet and definitely overwhelmed by it all, but it was nice to see her soak it all in.

As we waited in line at the letter "H" table (for our last name), I couldn't help but get teary eyed. At almost 40 years old with my daughter in tow, I was going to cast my vote for a woman president.

A woman president.

Just let that sink in.

My daughter was going to watch me vote for a woman president in a hotly contested election with what will likely be the highest voter turnout in recent history.

Luckily, when it was my turn to hand over my ID I had my emotions under control so I could say my name and get my ballot. 

Keeping a curious 4 year old entertained while in a voting booth is not easy. I had to keep reminding her not to peak just like when we are in a bathroom stall. At one point she exclaimed, "I see other people!" after she stole a quick glance.

I quickly explained to her what I was doing so she'd give me time to fill out my ballot.

When I was done I had to capture the historic moment for posterity, of course. Ballot selfies are surprisingly NOT illegal in New Hampshire.  Life Free or Die afterall.  

My first born daughter and I voted for a woman president today.

It still hasn't sunk in  

20 years ago as a teenager I voted in my first presidential election for Bill Clinton.  This year as a nearly 40 year old woman I voted for Hillary Clinton, who has shattered that glass ceiling for the rest of us.  

I couldn't have been prouder.