Sunday, February 5, 2017

Virtual Charity Runs and Super Bowl Sunday!

A couple of weeks ago I received a medal from Virtual Charity Runs for a 1 mile/5K/10K run or walk.  Since I'm at the point that I reserve my runs for the weekend and I always get at least a mile in I decided that today was the day that I needed to push myself to get in a 5K (3.1 miles) to earn my medal benefiting the Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue.

My sweet new bling!

It was a frigid 20 degrees when Leia and I set out on our longest walk to date.  Since I've run 10 mile loops around my neighborhood many times while half marathon training, I knew exactly which way to go to get in 3.1 miles.  I wasn't sure how Leia would do on such a long walk on a new route but overall she did great!  You could tell she was nervous at some points and she definitely pulled me once or twice when she thought we were headed home, but we got it done and met a few neighbors along the way.

Since I was running and walking this 5K, I clocked my slowest time yet at just under an hour, but that wasn't the point.  Both my dog and I needed exercise and I wanted to hang up my new Boston Terrier medal with my other race bling.

The fact that I even set out on this 3 mile journey at almost 20 weeks pregnant (half baked!) is amazing to me since I barely moved on the weekends when I was pregnant with my daughter Scarlett.

Caught in the act! 

After Leia and I came home from our journey, we set out to run some errands including picking out baby clothes for Vivienne.  Scarlett tore the store and had a huge pile of clothes in her hands before I even finished looking at one rack.  We found the cutest little sandals for her too!  I know it sounds ridiculous but Scarlett is obsessed with taking Vivienne to the beach this summer.  Here's hoping they are both water babies.

The cashiers, "Awwwed" when I bought these. 

Now it is time to settle in for the evening after finishing up chores so we can cheer on the Pats in the Big Game.  We have a friend driving up from visiting New York that might stop in later on his way home.  He's a Cleveland Browns fan but we don't hold it against him.

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