Wednesday, April 5, 2017

24 Weeks and Things Just Got Real

Disclaimer: This is my second pregnancy.  With my first pregnancy my daughter was born preterm, breech and via C-section.  Due to my age, my medical history (hello, incompetent cervix!) and my daughter being delivered preterm I am being classified as high-risk.  Things could get a little crazy in here so proceed with caution.

How far along: 24 weeks
Total weight gain: 29 pounds.  Over the last month, I just haven't been able to do much.  I move around a lot at work, but once I am home I am usually parked in the sitting position.  I know, I know, not good.  Once I get us into a new normal routine and the weather warms up, I'll be taking out dog, Leia, for lots of walks.  
Maternity clothes: Yes!  And I hate them.  No matter what size I buy my shirts ride up while my pants slide down.  
Stretch marks: Nope.  
Sleep: Not bad.  I usually wake up once during the night.  
Best moment of this week: Scarlett kissing my belly and saying, "I love you Vivienne.  I love you so much!"
Miss anything: Just the usual stuff.  Going for a run regularly and relaxing with a drink with my husband.  
Movement: Boy, is she a wiggle worm!  I just went through a 4 day period where she non-stop flipped, kicked and punched me.  Luckily, she seems to have slowed down now.  
Food cravings: No, although sugar is hard to resist!  
Anything making you queasy or sick: Just nasty smelling things.  
Have you started to show yet: Yes!
Gender: Still a girl!  I had another ultrasound this week and I had the tech checked. She assured me that nothing had "sprouted" yet.  
Labor signs: Here is where things get sticky.  At the start of my pregnancy, my OB laid out a plan to check my cervix at the 20 and 24 week mark.  Why?  Well, I have an incompetent cervix and my daughter was born a month early when my water unexpectedly broke.  She felt this was the best plan of action since I had no other signs that my body would deliver early.  

My 19 week ultrasound showed that I had 4 cm of cervix - "oodles of cervix" my OB said.  Then, my 24 week ultrasound showed that my cervix had thinned to just under 3 cm.  I had "lost" about a centimeter of cervix thickness in 5 weeks.  

At this point, my OB assured me there is nothing to be done.  It is still thankfully closed, but it has thinned.  I'm not in the danger zone yet, which is less than 2.5 CM, but I'm getting close.  Given this information, it is not hard to surmise how it happened that my daughter was born a month early.  If logic dictates, which it rarely does with our pregnant bodies, I'll continue to lose another centimeter a month which leads me to believe that by 36 weeks I'll be having a baby again.  Let's just hope she waits until AFTER Memorial Day so I can help her big sister at her big yearly dance recital.  
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding rings on or off: Off
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy, but getting stressed with everything that needs to be done before this bambino arrives.  
Looking forward to: I can tell you what I am NOT looking forward to:  My blood glucose test at my next appoint at 28 weeks.  Yuck to drinking that stuff.

Since we did not spill the beans on this pregnancy to our family until I was 14 weeks pregnant, there will be a fair amount of backtracking until I can get caught up.  Hang in there!