Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Because a New Baby Wasn't Enough...

So we just had to adopt a dog!

I guess we just like change in this house or maybe we just like to keep it real, either way we are doing something we swore we wouldn't do for a year or more and that is we are adopting a dog.
Luna chilling with her favorite cat, Joey. 

Some of you may know that our Christmas Eve we had to make the difficult decision to let our 12 year old corgi, Luna, go.  She had suffered a stroke the day before and most likely had a brain tumor.  To say she was suffering was putting it mildly.  We all took it hard, but it's a different kind of heartache when you watch your own child mourn the loss of a pet.

Scarlett was crushed.  

Three weeks after her passing she'd see a dog and say, "I miss Luna. I want Luna back!"  Even though we've explained it to her, she doesn't understand why we didn't bring her home with us.  She thinks that Luna is somewhere where she isn't being taken care of and that she cries for us.  We made her as much of a part of the process as we could and still be age appropriate.

Fast forward 3 weeks and the hole that Luna left was very real.  She was loyal to a fault and always by my side.  Sometimes I still think I hear her nails on the hardwoods or her tags jangling as she bounded up the stairs.  

Matt and I both found ourselves looking at adoptable dogs online.  Once we realized what we were each doing it was time to get serious about the loss we felt.  We knew that our home just wasn't the same without a dog.  It was time to start looking again.  Even though we will be bringing a newborn home in 5 or 6 months, we felt that now was the time to bring home a dog so s/he could get settled and acclimated before the baby arrives.

We found the perfect cuddle bug for us at a local shelter.  

She is a 2 year old boxer mix!  We met with her on Saturday and fell right in love with the way she fell on our feet and smothered us with kisses.  The best part is she likes other dogs!  They're not positive she'll be OK around cats, but she's given them no reason to believe she'd hurt one.  Our boys are pretty dog savvy and we have a safe spot for them to run to if she becomes too much.

She comes home on Thursday and we can hardly wait!